Well, I’m almost to a day off. Just one though. We’ve had some changes come up at work, and I’ll be moving to 3rd shift permanently. So, that means I’ll at least get a steady schedule, with hopefully back to back days off, where I can go to work on doing some stuff for the Podcast, and/or some live streaming. Least one can hope.

On 181.fm Awesome 80’s: On The Radio: Donna Summer

I read a post on Facebook tonight. Yet another news story about a hit and run wreck on the Seabreeze Bridge. Poor guy was dragged at least 50 feet from his bicycle, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. More than likely, DUI was involved.

When do people get the fact that Drinking and driving KILLS? How many stories like this does it take to make people realize that it’s just not worth it! There are FAR too many options out there to get a ride home if you’ve had too much! Now, 2 families are going to feel the pain of losing someone to something that was preventable. Utterly preventable. And the person driving that truck will be found. And arrested. And tried. And Convicted. DUI Manslaughter. Was it worth your night of drinking, and getting behind the wheel?  Was it really? Because you WILL spend the rest of your life behind a metal door, sharing a cell with 4 other inmates, only to see your family once a week? Was your drunk worth losing everything you have? Because, you will.

On 181.fm Awesome 80’s: Hooked On You, Sweet Sensation

For those of you that have been looking to hear me on air… I apologize for the time away. But, in my defense, I have been working some crazed schedules, and I have been sick as well. So, hopefully tomorrow, I can get in for a bit on the live stream at Caster.fm and maybe try to do a live show.

Well, I’m off for the night… Have the bills calling my name. See you all tomorrow!


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