These Are The Days…

Well, I’ve tried several times to get a post started, to no avail…

It’s about high time I get back into doing what I used to do, instead of just sitting around feeling like I just can’t do anything anymore.

I’ve been sick, trying to get over this creeping crud that has infiltrated every single part of my body for the last 2 weeks. With that, and the fact that I’ve been feeling like I just don’t have the mojo anymore to podcast, or to live stream, I’ve been just… kicking myself in a one-legged butt kicking match, and loosing horribly. (Not to mention because of the crud, I really have major issues with my voice.)

I know, I know. People are gonna tell me this too will pass, and I’ll be back in the game sooner than I think. But, I just can’t seem to find the motivation for anything anymore, except to work, pay bills, come home, spend what time I can with my DanaBear, and the boys.

I should be doing more. I know that.

But the last few times I’ve tried to live stream, there’s been zero listeners. And podcasting isn’t an issue, just time consuming to get the tracks laid, and put a show together, then save, and upload to post it for you all.

I want to get back into the realm… but to I have what it takes to do so?

If someone out there needs a co-host, and is looking to work with someone, leave a note in the comments. Just remember, I’m still in recovery mode, and will probably be more than a few days out from really being able to do any voice auditions (I’d say at least a week).

More later…


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