Thoughts & Such…

Well, there’s been a few changes made… And a few more to come.

First off, I’ve left my job as a janitor, and moved back into the world of C-Stores. I’m actually having a lot of fun being back in the world of people again.

And there’s this…


Yep, I did it. After 7 years of having a desktop (which I still have, we’re just retiring it for a while) I was able to take some hard earned cash, and get this little beauty!!!

I’m very happy with the purchase, and look forward to doing a lot of stuff on the fly. Not to mention it’s a great little home system as well. I’m in the process of getting everything moved over, so it’s gonna be another day or so before I get it all right and tight.

What The Heck Is Up With WinAmp!?!?!?

I did dome looking around today, and installed the ‘latest’ version of WinAmp, only to find that it looks almost abandoned on the forums! No real progress, or anything!

I’m honestly beginning to wonder if Radionomy just made a last ditch effort to buy the shoutcast software, and to just dump the player? God knows they haven’t integrated it with their current projects…

This is sad. It really is. We all really should have known better.

Well, that’s all for now. More later



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