I’ve Just About Had It…

I’ve really just about had it with my hosting provider… They just can’t seem to get it when it comes to support for WordPress. So, I’m seriously considering just giving up on them, and coming back to WordPress.com for my blogging needs.  I’ve tried for weeks now to get this issue fixed, and it’s just not getting the attention it needs, and I don’t have the time to spend hours working on work-arounds to get it all back together.

And there is something in the works… I can’t give out details just yet. Just know that if this comes together, It’ll make something I thought was far long gone, a reality again. And that, believe it or not makes my heart smile.

I did get the chance to see Big Al, and his Lady Brie over the Christmas holiday. It was so good to see them!!!! It had been WAY to long in coming. Hopefully soon, Dana and I will be making a trip up to see them as well!

More later…



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