Moving Along…

Yeah, I know. I’m about as prompt at posting as most people remembering to stop and smell the roses…

But, in my defense, I have been busy.

Dana’s brood is all settled in finally, and Charlie (the dog, not the human) is at my feet as I type this. And we’re slowly getting CGC Radio where we want it to be.

Thanks to the bounty of requests for material, and for folks just listening in! It’s been a long road to get through our first year…(Really???? ALREADY?!?!?!!??!) But it’s been an enlightening trail to walk, and to share.

We’ve been able to add a lot of the requests in already, and we’re going to be adding even more material in just the next couple of days. So, just bear with us, we’re finding what we can get as fast as possible!

Also, the live shows have started, and for those of you who might be interested, you can catch me this Friday evening from 10pm til midnight spinning some of the best in Contemporary Christian, and my faves in Adult Contemporary, and chatting about all things Star Trek Online, Star Wars, The Old Republic, and Neverwinter.

So, it’s that time to head off to the job that pays the bills… Will be posting more when I can.


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