Challenge Restart (Yet Again?!?!?!?!)

Well, I feel like a fool…

Made it 3 days last time, and not a thing more. I guess i really just don’t have a lot of time these days.. or I just need to manage it better.

CGC Radio takes up a lot of my time, and honestly, I’ve been working really hard to get a new news format up, and to get the streaming server issues worked out, and keeping up with the show downloads for the weekly broadcasts.And even then, it’s not easy to keep up with that. (if there’s anyone out there who wants to get involved, please contact me!! we can use it!)

Time management can be a rough thing to master. And I apparently, am not doing well at that either.

So, I guess it’s getting time to get back to the basics again. And I’ll have to get better at doing what I do best… (if you can call it that these days)

CAM00255-1I did spend some time on the beach yesterday in Ormond By The Sea…  A Much needed respite, and a chance to do something I hadn’t done in a long time. go swimming.

So as you all can see, I’m doing ok, just trying desperately to manage my time between 2 locations, and capabilities of 2 different operating systems to try and get things done. And that my friends, is not an easy task.

Not having the ability to live broadcast makes this all the harder, because it would be much easier just to throw something together, get in touch with the community, and just… run a show. Now it’s planning, and recording, and editing, and mixing, and all that Jazz….

My work schedule hasn’t helped either. Splitting time between 2nd and 3rd shifts makes a man a little pooped. (to say the least!!!)

So I guess this ends the first post of the blog challenge. (yet again). Now if a certain someone wishes to join me in the challenge… I’d welcome the…challenge.


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