Day 2

I’ll be setting this up as a running post throughout my day today. So, some parts may only be one sentence, others may be longer.

I’m actually on Votran on my way to work for an 8 hour shift. Dana has officially started her program with DUI court, and has her 1st probation appointment today.

Of course, the typical Florida weather has kicked in, and thunderstorms are in the area right now, which will make it a challenge to get in to work while dancing between the cars on ISB and the raindrops.

Dunkin donuts order put away, time for box removal and clean up…

Well, time to start the outside trash! WhoooHooo!!!!

Cigarette count done, the other cashier leaves in 30 minutes, and I’m out for my last breath of fresh air before she leaves.

On the way home, and had a busy day. Tomorrow at 2, it starts all over again…

Just a day in the life of a mild mannered cashier…


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