The Ah Ooops…

Well, I’ve managed to do it again….

I set myself up on a “blog-a-day challenge”, and never got past the first day.

So, with that in mind, lets see if I can start all over again. I mean it’s not like i don’t have an android phone with a WordPress app or anything… Duuuuuuh!!!!!! (can you start a challenge over?)

Well, I’m gonna do it anyway.

Day 1 (all over again)

Well, The George Zimmerman trial has officially started today. For those of you looking for another post like the one done for the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial, I’m not sure this one will be as easy as that. And honestly, I’m not sure if I am even interested in the case. Really, it’s all about weather or not George chased down Treyvon and killed him.

The Streaming server is Purring away, and we’re looking to ask the folks that listen to it, What types of shows/Music are you looking to listen to? Let us know!

Well, so ends day 1.(again) May be more later? we shall see.




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