Far From The End…

I just recently left the ‘day job’ and will be speeding home shortly to get some much needed work done on the auto DJ before I call it a morning.

I did find out that the problems that I’m having running live shows stem from Microsoft,.and not the shoutcast software. So, for now, live shows are on the back burner until a workaround can be found, if one can be.

Till then, I’m desperately tying to work a schedule out for recordings, and editing time to get some sort of show up on a regular basis.

The CGC Radio fleet inside STO has been disbanded. All Energy Credits will be turned over to Adm. Sandman for his use as he sees fit fir distribution to the community. Again, to those who worked hard in getting that fleet as far as we did, I personally want to thank you all for the work you put in. I just wish it would have worked out for the better.

There’s new music up and running on the auto DJ, and look for more to come soon as CGC Radio begins to get ready for all of the new STO content, and, the updates to TOR as well!!!


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