News & Notes: 2/25/13

For the first time in over a year, News & Notes is back! Here we go!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Passes Ban On Drinks Larger Than 16 ounces

michael-bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg, passed a ban that will take effect on March 12th banning soft drinks, and other ‘non-healthy’ choices to sizes no larger than 16 ounces.

In a post from Fox News, Bloomberg’s policy can have some futher reaching effects that were not contemplated. “For instance, ordering a 2-liter bottle of Coke, Pepsi, Sprite or whatever the family desires with a pizza delivery won’t be allowed. Even pitchers of soda at children’s birthday parties are going to be a no-no under Bloomberg’s far-reaching ban, according to the paper.

Bloomberg, who instituted a widely emulated smoking ban early in his tenure at City Hall, has followed that up by taking aim at trans fats, salt and baby formula. But the soda ban, announced last year, moves him farther into nanny state territory than any previous measure, say critics. The rules are tricky, and violations can bring $200 fines. Diet sodas and alcoholic beverages are not covered by the ban, fruit smoothies are okay as long as they don’t have added sugar and coffee drinks and milkshakes pass muster if they contain at least 50 percent milk. Drinks with added sugar must not contain more than 3.125 calories per ounce.”

Ok…I’ve tried to stay away from political issues, and not post anything more on those subjects…But this really burned my backside… Since when does a politician get to choose how I eat and drink? Just because you think your city is not ‘eating right’ doesn’t give you the authority to make choices for them! Mayor Bloomberg has been known to make ludicrous policy choices in the past…But, this unfortunately takes the cake! 

Republicans Urge President To Stay And Work With Senate

OBAMA5President Obama has been urges by several republicans to stay in Washington D.C., and work with the Senate on stopping the spending cuts that will be taking effect in just a few days.

As our President is famous for, instead of leading the country, and hunkering down to iron out the differences, he’s scheduled a trip, as part of a 100 city tour to Newport News, VA to highlight the impact of the Pentagon cuts on a shipbuilding facility.

According to Obama “These Cuts could be averted with just a bit of compromise”

John Boehner, House speaker has said “It’s time for the president to sit down with Harry Reid, and take care of this situation”

While most of you all know I’m Not a fan of the administration’s policies, I’m definitely not a fan of the travel that this president loves to rack up, for his polices, and personal time. It’s far past time for him to start being a President, and not a travel junkie! cutting non-essential positions within the different departments, and making ‘sensible cuts’ to budgets are far more responsible, than to jump in Marine 1, or Air Force 1 to sell his policy to people who just don’t want to buy it.

Danica Patrick Has Phenomenal Week At Daytona

Danica-Patrick-006Danica Patrick has had probably one of the most special week’s in her life here in Daytona.

After Qualifying 1st for the Daytona 500 beating out 42 other drivers, including Jeff Gordon by .002 seconds, and becoming the first woman to ever take the pole position for the ‘Great American Race’ she was also the first woman driver to lead the inaugural lap of the 500, and finish 8th!

Danica wants to “keep the momentum going’ as she moves on to Phoenix International Raceway for next Sunday’s race, and Hopefully she will!!


That’s all this time for News & Notes. We’ll see you next time around!



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