The Cat is Out of The Bag…

Well, I knew it was coming… and it didn’t take long for people to find out…

But the cat is out of the bag, and I might as well fess up, and give you all the details.

30 years ago, I met a girl from New Jersey, and found out she had a HUGE crush on me, We fell into that stage of ‘puppy love’ and shared a lot of firsts together.

Then poof, i was gone, had moved away, but never really forgot that ‘Jersey Girl’ and the way she held my hand… and at 17, i moved back to the Daytona area, and found her again.

We tried to make a second run at a relationship, but things got in the way… and she moved on. of course I did too, and met David’s Mom, and after she moved to Rhode island, ‘Jersey Girl’ tried to help me move on, to a degree. reconnected me with old friends, and then I married, got divorced, moved on in life…

‘Jersey Girl’ did too.. she got involved with a guy, had a little boy, and moved to Washington State… She’s came back too… Moved on…

I was in Tallahassee at the time, and we ran into one another via Facebook…next thing I knew, I was back in Daytona, and she was here… and something told me that I needed to see her… I never stopped thinking about her really. and while I was looking to reconnect with an old friend, other forces were pushing for more… more than a guy like me could have dreamed of…

She fell for me…Again.

Now that life has turn itself on it’s ear, I’ve not looked back. And every day has been better than the last.

Thanks for letting me back in Jersey Girl… and I love you…


6 thoughts on “The Cat is Out of The Bag…

  1. danabear70

    Only 2 typos… not too bad… And they are in the very 2nd to last sentence. LOL!

    I love you more than life itself and thank God every single day that I have one more day with you in my life.

    I don’t know what else to say, I’m at a loss for words.

    Now your “followers” will have that ‘Jersey girl’ revealed to them once and for all…

    Love you so much!!!

    1. danabear70

      Thank you, Linda. You have always been one of my best friends (I hope you still have the facebook album called “Blast from the Past”), and all I wanted was your blessing. This was seriously something I avoided for years as mine and Eddie’s lives moved on (Or “Will” as they know him- still can’t grasp that one)… Anyway, we have all been through a lot and I want us all to be happy in the end. You have a son who looks exactly like his dad, and I WILL keep him in my prayers, I promise!! Hope that I (and our Eddie) can meet him in person one day)… Also you have a GORGEOUS daughter who is going to knock the socks off any guy who lays eyes on her one day!!! And from what I’ve seen, you have a hubby that is just an AMAZING TROOPER.
      Luv you, girl. And thanks for being my inspiration all those years ago. You know what I mean. Have a great weekend:)

      1. Linda Ramos

        My goodness.. I am just seeing this now. Sorry about that. Of course I still have that album and I am sure I can dig up a few pics of Eddie (as we know him when I get the chance. I am just amazed at how life can change so much. Thanks for the kind words about my family. David has been my world for so long. I am not sure he will ever understand how much I love him. Annaleah scares the daylights out of me. I have a feeling the teen years with her will be so much harder than with David.. and believe me.. he had a huge number of beautiful girls hanging around.

        I am really glad to see that you both are taking this journey together. I had already determined that if Angel did not make it through that second liver transplant, I was going to be alone forever. Love is hard, as you both know. I am just really happy that he fought to stay and the Lord blessed us.

        Yes, Eddie.. I am waiting for that couple photo! 🙂

  2. Will Post author

    Linda, There’s so much time between you and Angel, I know it’s been a long road for both of you. And yes, you both have been blessed for the chance that you’ve been given with this 2nd transplant. I hope Angel is doing well, and things are ok for you all up there!

    We’re hanging in day by day. It’s been a long process to get where we are, and lord knows I’ve needed to be ‘Gibbs slapped’ more than once on this journey, but at least I finally got here…

    Just keep us in your prayers as we do for you and Angel… he’s a great guy Linda, and we loves ya both!!!


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