Confessions of a DJ in love…

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been able to say this, but I think I just may have found the one.

Thats not to say we haven’t had our differences, or anything like that. Its… Been difficult for me to trust myself to just be me.

Being single for as long as I was, was I guess a benefit, and a massive hindrance. One can get… ‘ Social atrophy’ for lack of better  wording when you spend much time alone. Its almost like… you close in on yourself. And, you shut out the things that matter.

The person I’m referring to is a long time friend, who’s literally had my heart since we were 17 (we’re both the same age) and we actually had a crush on one another at 12. (Some of you reading this may know whom I speak of. If so, for now, lets not mention her by name.)

I am however, slowly coming around to the realization that she does feel the same, and I have to let go of the ‘security blanket’ that I sheltered myself with for so long, and realize that sometimes… Dreams really do come true…

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