Just flustrated…

It just seems like the more I do at my job, the more they expect from just 2 folks working third shift.

Yet, there is a minimum of 6, yes 6 people that work in that store from  5am until at a minimum, 9pm at night. But yet, no one seems to care that it’s 3rd that gets crammed with all that no one else bothers to do.

Oh, but we were SO busy that 2nd has time to hide from the cameras to play on their phones… Which aren’t supposed to be in store at all… But you can’t stock necessary items in the cooler. Hmmm…

You are SO busy that you can’t clean up behind yourselves, and yet, there are more of you scheduled in 17 hours, than in the last 7 of the day. Of which, we really only get about 2 if we’re lucky to ‘babysit’ for the first 2 shifts, and do what we need to do.

But that’s ok. We’re good for it, right?

Lord knows I have my own kids. I don’t need anymore… So please, JUST DO YOUR FREAKIN JOB, SO 3rd CAN DO THEIRS!!!!!


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