Just A Quickie…

It’s been a few days since my last blog entry, and I wanted to stop in, before I had to scoot away for the rest of the night.

Things are slowly starting to get better. Computer is back on the net, and, while it’s not much, I’ve finally got a few dollars in my pocket.

I enjoy working with the folks where I’m at, and just trying to catch up on bills.

So, with that, I’m leaving you all for the night, and hope wherever you are, that your world is right too.


One thought on “Just A Quickie…

  1. lindadarrellclark@yahoo.com

    Hey there!!! It’s good that you got some work, but you didn’t say what you’re doing….. LOL
    I know how you are with your computer, it must have driven you nuts to be without it!!!! And using someone else’s just isn’t the same!!!!
    Take care honey & good luck finding something more permanent!!!!!!
    Love & miss you!!!!


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