Out Cruising The ‘Tubes

I was out cruising the net today, and found an old friend’s blog.

When I read it, I found news that was to say the least, shocking. and literally tore at my heart, and my gut at the same time. All I saw was two words… Breast Cancer.

Far be it from me to say that my life hasn’t been touched by those words. Although we found out later that it was much more significant, but my mother muttered those words some 11+ years ago. and then it was shocking, and gut wrenching too.

Starting today, I’ve changed the cause in Social Vibe to Stand Up 2 Cancer. Please stop by, and click the link to donate some research time to this cause. It costs nothing, and may help eradicate some of the horrible things that take the ones we care for away from us.

This woman (and she knows who she is), is, was, and will be a HUGE inspiration into everything I did when it came to podcasting, and net radio. was the encouragement, and the person who never let me say no.

Don’t just donate a little of your time for me, or for her. Do it for the ones you love most. And, take the time to say I love you… Because it matters.


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