My day so far…


Blah day… Just blah


One thought on “My day so far…”

  1. Looks (and sounds like) you had one exciting day!!!! LOL
    So how goes the job search going back there in old Daytona Beach, Florida??? I sure hope you’re having better luck than other people I’ve spoken to back there!!!! My step daughter just violated her probation and is sitting in the branch jail because since she’s been on probation (for something VERY petty too) they keep charging her all these fee’s (for basically nothing) and since she’s been unable to get a job, the fee’s just kept adding up and they kept warning her but……
    Now they go through the expense of putting her in a cell because she didn’t have the money to pay fee’s. Do they think she’s going to find gainful employment while sitting in a cell????
    It’s just insanity to me!!!! And we wonder why we have trillions of dollars in deaficite??
    I know deficate

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