End of The Year…

As 2011 ends, I wanted to take a minute, and reflect on some of the good, and bad things that have happened along the way, and look forward to a new year with a new perspective…

The Good

Having GREAT friends to stand by me, and be there when I needed them
reconnecting with family members I haven’t talked with in YEARS
Being there for friends when I needed to be
Slowly, but surely recovering from what had been probably the most devastating thing that’s ever happened to me.
Finding my place in a world that can be…unforgiving at times.
Working with family, and friends on ‘The Den’

The Bad

Being out of a job. (This by far is the WORST above all else)
Coping with the stress of finding new job in a horrible economy
Dealing with the fits of mild depression, and anxiety of not having a steady paycheck.

The Future

I’ve said this before, and I can’t help but feel the same way again. Changes are in the winds.

Life is like a sailing ship on the ocean. Sometimes, the winds are rough, the seas high, and you wonder if she’ll ‘Hold together’ as you’re buffeted by the ravages of the storm around you. Then you have the calm times, with the wind at your back, the sails all billowing, and the trim is perfect.

We all go through the rough times. We all have the good ones. It’s how we manage the rough ones, that determines who we are. I’d like to believe the past year has been my true test of worth. And next year starts the calming of the seas, the turn around of life, and maybe, just maybe the beginning of something even I can’t imagine at this point.

My new year’s resolution? stay the course, and look for the stars to guide my journey. Live life like it means something, and never forget the past…But learn from it for the future.

And remember, Friends are the ones that get you through. True Friends stand by you and weather the storm with you.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!


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