Changes Are Here!!!

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who have been following the News & Notes posts I’ve been doing, I  wanted to let you all know the’ve been moved to a blog headed up by my Lil Sis, and myself Called The Den. It’s the beginings of a community blog where folks like you and I can get together, and share the things we’re passionate about to the rest of the world.

So, stop by there, catch up on the news of the day, and look for me to get a little more…me here on my blog.

Speaking of which, Most of you (Those who know me personally most especially) you usually see me like this:

‘da Fox-Version 1.0

I’ve sported this thing for years. Loved, tried to maintain it, and on occasion screwed it up, and had to ‘temporairily’ loose it to get the crooked lines out.But it’s always been there. Like a constant…

A few days ago, I picked up some kind of cold/sinus/whatever the heck this is, and in a state of snot infused delerium, (in other words, a Sneezing attack) yesterday  I did this…
‘da Fox 2.0

Now, to be honest, I have gotten, some good compliments on the look. Have gotten some “glue it back on!!!” comments, and even a funny “Put Your Mask Back On!!!” from my fave Mousey Lady.

Then the What about Just For Men Comments came up, and I honestly…just revolted at that notion.
There’s a history of premature greying and baldness on both sides of the family here…and yeah, I’ll admit, most of my hair is grey. But to color it? Nooooo…Not this guy. I earned every strand of this head. (wether through my fault or not) and I’m pretty darn proud of it! To me, it shows how much I’ve grown over the years. Hopefully learned a little wisdom, and the knowledge of being able to change what I can.
Will the goatee be back? Maybe. But the hair stays!

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