News & Notes: 10/7/2011

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of AppleBy This time, we all know that the co founder, and retired CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs has passed away. While I never had the chance to meet this man, Steve was one of the innovators of the digital age. And, wether you love, or hate his products, Apple has become one of the largest brands the world has ever seen.

Jobs worked hard to bring Apple back from it’s near demise when he returned to the company in 1997. and turned the brand into the powerhouse that every tech company aspires to become today.

Thank you Steve, for pushing the envelpoe open just a little further. For pushing not only your employees at Apple, but the tech industry in general to make better products. Products that people like myself would enjoy using. And for showing the world that technology can matter in everyday life.

Unfortunately, there are folks out there, that don’t feel the same as I do. The Inquisitr has a story that the infamus Westboro Baptist Church, known for protesting the funerals of Soldiers, will protest the funeral of the former Apple CEO. Using an iPhone to send the tweet (Yes you read it correctly….The Hate Mongering IDIOT used an iPhone to send a tweet!!!!) Megan Phelps, daughter of the (Even BIGGER IDIOT OF A FATHER) church pastor, Fred, said ““Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory and taught sin… No peace for man who served self, not God. Westboro must picket.”

I said this yesterday, both on Facebook, and Google+.  Megan Phelps Needs to be given the title of “The ASS of Humanity” Folks like her, and her father’s congregation are nothing more than narrow-minded bigots who have no grasp on the real world. And, the fact she used a product created by the man who’s funeral she plans to protest, just proves that she literally has no class,  and is frankly ignorant, and irrelevant.

Facebook Makes Changes, Google+ Opens Doors To The Masses

Facebook has once again decided to make “user interface” changes, just as Google+ opens the doors on their version of social media. Facebook users around the globe have clamored that the changes are not benificial to users, and more than a few have left for the friendlier confines of Google+, and it’s ease of use. Facebook has also announced that there will be “more chages” to come in the future.

Honestly, I’m seriously thinking about leaving facebook altogether. The changes do not ‘help’ my experience, they complicate it! And g+ gives me the option of adding people to multiple groups with ease, instead of having to hunt all over creation to find out how to add them. Plus, I can view just the circles I want on the main screen. So, Come on over and Join me at G+! The Water is PERFECT!

Jobless Rates In, Employmet Still at 9.1 %

In a report published by Fox News, Employers have added 130,00 jobs to the economy in the last month. However, 45,000 of those jobs were rehires for Verizon Wireless employees, who had gone on strike. The percentage dropped from 9.2, to 9.1 percent.

Ok…I think it’s now really getting time to sit down, and start using some common sense here folks. If unemployment is that high, shouldn’t we be looking at ways to cut regualtion, and taxes on the job creators so that we can all go back to work? It’s being proven daily that the current administration has not got a clue on how to handle this. So, let’s tax the ones that create jobs, and then we can pay for the rest…Socialisim Has never worked. One would think that the USSR would be a prime example. How quickly we forget our past…

That’s all for today. Check back in soon for more News & Notes!


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