News & Notes: 9/7/11

Here’s Todays News & Notes

Hoffa Opens Mouth, And The Thug Shows Up
Hoffa was at a political rally for Obama in Detroit, and the words “get those sons a bitches” came out,  referring to anyone opposing the current administration for the 2012 election.

You invite a member of the Hoffa family, and you expect them to act like a upstanding citizen? REALLY?!?!?!  And these folks wonder why we wonder about the toning down of the rhetoric that Obama spent so much time prattling on about…

Wakulla County Looking To Force Citizens To Pay For Trash Collection, And Rebuild County Coffiers
County commissioners are looking to increase revenues by adding a 7% tax on electrical, cable, and cell phone services to help offset dwindling resources in county accounts. Additionally, the county wants to impose a yearly fee to have a contract company collect trash for residents wether the service is used or not.

Reports have been made that the commission has misused county funds in a number of areas, and that the taxes are nothing more than a means to cover up their mistakes.
The trash collection issue for me is just stupid. I live less than 3 miles from the landfill, and spend far less than the yearly fee to take my trash to the folks running it. Not to mention, there were companies that were contracting with citizens to haul waste for a monthly fee. So, why are we being forced to go this route?  County commissioners want money to cover their mistakes.

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2 thoughts on “News & Notes: 9/7/11”

  1. These people lie to get in office then mismanage the money we pay in taxes for tgeir own frivilous life style only to raise taxes for taxoayers to foit the bill

  2. The county in Georgia where I live has done this same thing many of our neighbors refused to pay for or use the counties poly trash carts when they first deliverd them we continued to take our trash to tbe dump ourselves until they closed it to private citicens and added the charges to our anual land tax payment we had no choice

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