Goofing Off

Well, another week has come and gone, and I really haven’t been as active here as I should be. There’s some reasons behind that.

First, I’ve really been working hard on trying to find a job. Economy is tough out there folks. And, Talahassee is no exception to the tough times we’re all in.

Second, over the course of the last week, we saw a hurricane move up the east coast. I placed a facebook post, telling people to in essence get out of the area if they were in the path. I was told I was being an “alarmist” and to basically be quiet. Now, with all of the aftermath of Irene, I have to wonder, was there not just a little truth to my words?

Lastly, i’ve been working on getting a blog set up for All God’s Children Stand Together. (link to facebook group page in sidebar) They should be up and running soon. Check them out, and join the cause to end child abuse.

Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day Weekend, and I’ll see you all Tuesday with News & Notes, and a lot more.


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