News & Notes: 8/25/11

Good morning readers! Here’s todays edition:

Wil Wheaton Marks 10 Years On The Net
Last night, Wheaton placed a post on his blog (link in ‘ places I visit’) marking his 10 year anniversary of having a blog, and some of the struggles he went through as made his way constructing his net home.
Wether you are a fan or not, Wil has made not only a place for himself, but fans as well, as he’s made a return to acting, did a stint with Poker Stars, and created ‘ Radio Free Burrito’, a podcast centered around his thoughts, and music choices, along with becoming a well liked author.
Kudos to you Wil. May your next 10 be as exciting, and fulfilling as the last!!!

RadioGalatica Moves Forward
As of a few weeks ago, the station decided to move on, and they and I have parted ways, and are moving on in seperate directions.
I wish them well, and the best of luck on their future endeavors. They have a great team, and will continue to promote the best in independent, and unsigned artists and bands.

That’s all for today, more to come later on!


9 thoughts on “News & Notes: 8/25/11

    1. Will Post author

      He’s also appeared with Felicia Day in a web series called ‘ The Guild’. Check that out as well! His character in the web show is awesome!!!

  1. gamomma3911

    I was shocked to learn you were no longer a part of the station that you started but its all water under the bridge now and you will be back with a new and better station soon and i am really excited for that


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