News & Notes: 8/24/11

Welcome to today’s post! Let’s get started:

Glenn Beck Heads Up ‘ Restoring Courrage’ Event
Former Fox News, and talk radio host Glenn Beck is in Jruselem today taking part in ‘ Restoring Courrage’ an event he himself help coordinate to show solidarity for Israel’s stance in the world, and in the middle east.
Beck is trying to bring awareness of the political situation Israel is in, and bring all religious faiths together to join in standing for the cause.
You can watch today’s show in full at 7pm EDT at

Hammas Faking Death Tolls To Gain Suppport
In a related story, the millitant group Hammas has been caught on video trying to fake the deaths of their followers. The video, which can be seen at The Blaze shows a hammas soldier being carried away from a firefight on a strecher, when it was dropped, and the soldier was tossed out. Miraculously, the dead soldier comes back from the dead, and repositions himself on the strisetcher to be carried off again!!!

Something fishy there? Yeah I think so… And it’s not the good kind.

Hurricane Irene Moving Away From Florida Coast
Irene is slowly changing direction, according to the National Hurricaine Center. The storm, now making its way through the Bahamas, is slated to trek north-northwest and move through the mid-eastern coast of the U.S. later this week.
All vacationers on North Carolina’s outer banks are being evacuated, and residents are being told to prepare for the worst.

The storm is said that it will reach catagory 3 status before it reaches the area. And Florida may not be totally out of the woods yet. Stay tuned to local news for more information.

That’s all for now folks!! Keep us bookmarked for more to come soon!


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