News & Notes 8/23/11

Here’s Tuesday’s News & Notes:

Fighting In Libya Continues
Rebels are still fighting in Libya, as they moved deeper into Tripoli to oust current President Quidaffi. The one working hospital in the city is being deluged with injuries, and begging for supplies, and medical personnel. Also, they’ve put out the plea to leave the hospital untouched.
Quadaffi has been reported to both be in hiding, out of the country, and broadcasting from a hidden location within Tripoli to encourage loyal forces to”fight to the death”.

Honestly folks, this guy is done. No matter where he is. The question is, what comes next? Will it be true reform, or will the Muslim Brotherhood make its grand entrance?

Hurricane Irene Barrels Towoards U.S. Coast
Irene is making its way to the US after moving through Puerto Rico. If the models hold, Irene will brush the coast, and make landfall around Charleston, SC.
Irene could be a nasty lady, as she is predicted to become a catagory 4 before coming close to the east coast of Florida.

Keep the folks along the east coast in your thoughts and prayers. They’re going to be much needed.

Gas Prices To Come Down?
According to several reports, gas prices are starting to come down, but not as quickly as we’d all like. Experts are predicting a drop of 3-5 cents a week through Labor Day.

Again, all of this is part and parcel of  the disaster the economy is in. And folks like Maxine Waters don’t help the situation, with her spending mentality, and telling tea party
members to “Go Straight To Hell”. In case she hasn’t noticed, we’re already there, thanks to folks like her!!!!

That’s all for now! Keep us bookmarked for more posts coming soon!!!


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