News & Notes: 8/19/11

Good Morning World! Time for the text version of News and Notes!
(My Commentary is in italics)

Vilsack continues to put out the administration line. Food stamps create jobs.

Ok, if Food Stamps create jobs, then where’s mine?!?!?! I’m sorry, playing the administation line makes you look like a drone. Time to take notes from the American tax payers… They Don’t see the results of the endavour… Just like TARP? Yeah I think so.

Obama off to Martha’s Vineyard…

Our President is once again off on another jaunt to relieve the stresses of runing the country, to Martha’s Vinyard for some R & R. Although, Jay Carney would have you believe that the president is “never off duty”.

The country needs a leader, not a jet setter… Just my thoughts on the subject.

DREAM act to be implimented by Obama Administration  

In a report filed by CBS and the AP, the administration will implement the act and allow illegal immigrants to file for work permits, while deporting criminals, and national security threats. In a letter to senators, it was said “From a law enforcement and public safety perspective, DHS enforcement resources must continue to be focused on our highest priorities,” Napolitano wrote a group of senators supporting new immigration legislation. “Doing otherwise hinders our public safety mission — clogging immigration court dockets and diverting DHS enforcement resources away from the individuals who pose a threat to public safety.”

Really? Why not try the idea of actually doing the job, instead of pushing around the paperwork on your desk Madame Secretary. There are hundreds of thousands of people who do the right thing, and come in to this country LEGALLY to become part of the american dream. Just giving someone a free pass for votes is not only insane, but a National Security Risk!!!! Legal Americans need Jobs, not the border runners! It’s past time that the nation stood up, and said enough to schemes like this, just so the current administration can get a voter base!!!

Bachmann Wins Straw Poll, Could She Loose The War?

Michelle Bachmann Won the Iowa Straw Poll with a pretty decisive victory, and Tim Pawlenty announced the resignation of his Campagin on ABC Sunday Morning. Now that Bachmann has won the poll, could she loose the war? With The entrance of Gov. Rick Perry, and the rest of the field showing thier chops to become President, some are saying that Bachman’s win is a one and done. What do you think?

See you all tomorrow with more News, and Notes!


3 thoughts on “News & Notes: 8/19/11”

    1. It’s more than that… it’s about looking at this with common sense, and conservative values. Just seems these days no one wants to do that. It’s a sad state we are in.

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