New Faces Joining The Den!

I’ve got some new faces joining me here in the Den, and I wanted to let you all know who they are!

I’ve got Long time fiend, John Morgan, or ‘da JMan as I like to call him joining me to help administrate this monster as we grow, and change the way we post round here! JMan is a former author for a local newspaper in south Florida, and an aspiring Web desinger, along with being a HUGE trek fan! Look for him to be active here soon!




"da Sister!And we have my Sister, Carol Hall that will be joining us here as well! Carol’s claim to fame starts as being the former community Manager for RadioGalactica, and is a Full-time Mom to 4 kids, as well as the family member to her bro here! She’s a newly self crowned ‘tech-geek’ and is looking to enjoy the fruits of her new status! Look for her to be adding to the conversatons, and starting a few of her own soon!





That’s all for now folks, but we’ll definately be adding more as we go along about these folks! Stop on by, and say hello to them, and join in on the conversation!


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