Casey Anthony: The Public Outcry Continues…

Cultural Moment:

Casey Anthony‘s life will never be the same again.

After the verdict was read in the most highly publicized trial in history since OJ Simpson, People took to the streets screaming Caylee’s name, and how justice had not been brought to the little girl who trusted her Mommy to take care of her, and protect her from harm.

Believe me when I say I sympathize with the outcry. I honestly do. However, we have to sit back, and look at this from the eyes of the Jurors on that panel, and not from the emotions that well up deep within us as parents.

First off, let me make this clear. Do I believe in my heart that she had something to do with the death of her daughter Caylee? I honestly do. Could that fact be proven to a panel of 12 jurors beyond a shadow of a doubt? Well, we know the answer to that now. But let’s sit back for a second and look at this through their eyes.

DNA evience was almost Non-Existant in this trial. Let’s keep in mind little Caylee was gone for almost 6 moths before her remains were found. By that time, just about all of the soft tissue had been lost due to decompisition, and was virtually unusable for DNA Scans, and what little they did find could have been tainted by the search teams that were looking for her, and IF the body was removed, that dystroyed what was there to begin with.

The Procecution immediately went after a charge of 1st degree murder. I believe that was the main downfall of the trial. They could have proven Neglect, just on the fact alone of not reporting the child missing, and the verdicts of Lying to inveatigators proved that. She could have been convicted of those charges, and then the investigation into Caylee’s death could have continued, and her mother would have been at that point, placed in the position of true defense, or forced to cough out the real truth as to the crime.

It was a tough case to try and bring a verdict in on with such little evidence that proved her Mother was a part of the ‘plot’ so to speak.

Her demeanor during the time, while not sane, could have been the result of the stresses of what happened to Caylee. (Not that I actually believe this) But as you can see, it’s part of resonable doubt. and that is why the jurors aquitted. There just was NOT enough evidence to prove her guilt in the death of Caylee. And that folks, can be a bitter pill to swallow. Every one of the jurors I’ve heard from have said there was just not enough to convict. they needed more. So more than a few, without voicing it, do believe that Casey is guilty of having something to do with this. But they needed more to prove it.

Walk the mile in the shoes of the jurors…and you begin to understand why they did what they did…Even though it was not the outcome it should have been.

Remember Little Caylee, and know that there will be an ultimate judgement for the people involved in this. At the end of the day, that’s what really matters.


4 thoughts on “Casey Anthony: The Public Outcry Continues…

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  2. Aldo Steppello

    Casey Anthony is objecting to a proposal that she sell her life story as part of her bankruptcy. Her attorneys filed a motion this week in federal bankruptcy court in Tampa asking a judge to reject the proposal.

    Comment editied due to LACK of proper web page links to support the post. Please do not post your website if it is NOT related to the post. Thank you!!!


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