The Death of bin Laden: An American’s Prospective

U.S. Kills Bin Laden
Image by swanksalot via Flickr

4 Days ago, at around 11pm EST, We all got the news that a Navy SEAL team finally did the one thing we never thought would happen. Usama bin Laden, The most wanted terrorist in the US was shot and killed during a raid of his compound in Pakistan, some 35 miles away from Islamabad. The entire op only took 38 minutes from start to finish. No American lives lost…

As most of you all know, I’ve been pretty critical of our President’s policies. But this time, I have to give him the credit he actually deserves. He played a gutsy hand by using SEALs to go in and handle this mission. Dropping a 2000 lb bomb would have been easier, but we wouldn’t have had the confirmation we do now. I also think that President Bush 43 needs to be commended as well. it was his policies, and recommendations that started us down this road 9 plus yeas ago.

As we all sit today, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together, to form the mosaic of how this all came to be. Enhanced interrogation, Water boarding, and intel were found, and used to find a currier. This currier was tracked to the compound, and then without the help of the Pakistanis, we went in, and took out the mad dog. (Enhanced interrogation, and water boarding were confirmed by both Peter King (R), NY and former Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld)

Some would say, we should be celebrating to the nines. Others would say we need to be praying in a church for his soul. More than a few would be spitting on his grave if he had one. bin Laden was buried at sea after a 45 minute service in accordance with Muslim beliefs. (In my opinion, he should have been thrown overboard, with a rock tied to his feet. No ceremony, No sheet, No Bath. Just like he treated his victims worldwide. Least we know the fish will have a meal…)

I know that probably sounds harsh. But after 9 years of trying to find this guy, he for sure got better then what he deserved.

Are we safer today because of the actions took on Sunday? Not really. There’s still the rest of his cadre out there. We need to find them, and capture them. to put an end to Al Qaeda as we know it. Time to start the tribunals, time to put to rest the thought of this group ever harming another American life.

Thank you SEALs. Thank you CIA,and all the other folks who made this happen. Justice has been served. But, the war is far from over. Let’s find the rest of them and be done with it all.

Authors Note: This story is still continuing to gain more and more information by the day. Although I’ve given my thoughts on it, more can be learned by checking out Fox


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