Well, Here We Go Again…

Just a few days ago, Our President,the Speaker of The House, and Senate Majority Leader all came to a ‘Compromise’ to keep the government open with 38.5 Billion Dollars in spending cuts to avoid a government shutdown.

Think about this carefully folks. if we generate a deficit of 38 billion every 2 days, and we cut 38.5, where’s the savings?

Not to mention that back in November, we were promised 100 billion in cuts. then it was dropped to 61 billion. Now we’re at 38.5 and, really we only are getting about 354 MILLION in spending cuts. The rest? Well, that went to the Czars that are no longer in operation, and funding the millitary, and…. (you can see where this is going.)

If the Republicans are going to cave on 61 billion, and not pull the trigger on a government shutdown, how can we expet them to even begin a fight on the debt celing, or next year’s budget?

Yet Our illustrious President not only wants to Raise the debt celing another Trillion, but now he again wants to tax the wealthiest americans to death, to get him out of his mess he created.

And I don’t want to hear that it was Bush’s mistakes that lead to this. Granted he is at fault to a degree. HOWEVER On Jan.20, 2009, Barak Obama took the oath of office. It then became HIS budget. it became HIS issues to deal with. So it’s time to stop all the finger pointing, and the whining (which I happen to think he needs cheese with) and man up to the responsibillity of taking care of the country. Stop Spending the money we don’t have, (China owns 1 Trillion of our debt by the way) and start taking care of business.

If you can’t, then let the American public elect someone who can.


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