A Visit Back Home…

Daytona Beach, view of south Beach St.

Image via Wikipedia

For the last few days, I’ve actually been visiting a friend in Daytona, while ‘Fearless Leader’ makes a transition from his mall in Tallahassee, to his new posting at a mall in Orlando. We’re still not sure if this transfer is permanent or not, so I’ve had the chance to come back to the place where I spent most of my teen years.

The past 3 plus years that I’ve been gone haven’t been kind to the old lady. The housing market crash, coupled with the fact that Daytona has always been considered a “Resort Town” and with the city’s administration being the mismanaged mess that it is, I saw a lot of closed businesses, empty lots, and a lot of empty condos.

I’m not sure what the next moves are. It’s a possibility we may end back up in Tally in the near future. But for now, I’m ‘Sittin On The Dock of The Bay’ so to speak, and enjoying seeing old friends again.


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