Discovery Gunman is MY Stupid Story of The Week

Discovery Channel logo, used 1985-1995
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As more details are released, and the building that houses the Discovery channel’s offices has been cleared for explosive devices, I can’t help but think that this gunman, now deceased had to have some serious mental issues when he walked into that building in Silver Spring, MD yesterday, just after lunch.

One of the demands he made, was for the Discovery Health channel to stop the “encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those actions.” That they instead should be “broadcasting sterilization” because we don’t need more “filthy humans” to disrup the natural order of the planet.

After reading his “manifesto” which you can pick up here, The one undercurrent throughout the whole chain of “insanity driven” rantings is, we as the human race need to stop procreating. That the animals are more important than human life.

Now, let me stop right here… Animal life on this planet, is just as important as human life. And to tell the human race as a whole, to stop procreating, is like telling a bull not to run into a china shop. It’s just not gonna happen. Even Darwin was procreated from a mother and a father.

And if we don’t agree with his thoughts, we’re supposed to “go suck oil’?!?!?!

The man who tried to impose HIS way of thinking was a filthy born human, using pollutants. to carry his message to the folks at the network, using weapons of mass destruction, to folks who were doing nothing but the jobs they were hired for. Kind of Ironic huh? that this lunatic would use the devices that he detests to get out his message to the masses. Pipe bombs, guns, the internet, all a pollution in his eyes.

Human procreation is a natural process, and should not only be celebrated, but revered… especially for those folks who choose to adopt, because they can’t have children themselves. Children are NOT FILTH, but the future of what we as a collective species become.

And that’s not to say that we shouldn’t be looking for world peace. That’s not to say that the animals are less important. We as a race are looking for balance, and therein lies the true meaning of being human. Helping to create solutions, and sharing them to improve. And that is what matters.

People like James Jay Lee Sicken me. They devalue their own lives, to the point of wanting to take others with them. And that is the essence of an Al-Qaida terrorist.

Did Lee have some points to his so called “manifesto”?  Possibly, but he went about it the totally wrong way. And with that in mind, I think we as a “race” should be looking more into helping each other, and less into what what we can do to “force” our way of thinking on to the populace.


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