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As I was surfing around the net this afternoon, I ran into a post at Slice of Sci-Fi talking about the changes that Eureka had made by moving into a mirror universe format, and how Star Trek had been very successful with doing the same thing in the last film.  There were several people, who had differing opinions on that, and I’d like to a minute to explain my feelings on the subject.

These people have said, ” I won’t watch any further material that is put out centered around this time line” my question is why?

If you sit back and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, there’s more than one show that talks about how a particular timeline or a person’s life could have several different alternate realities.  In fact, The Original Series dealt with two episodes at the least when it came to time travel.  City on the edge of forever, being the main one deals with the Dr. McCoy, trying to treat an aling Sulu, accidentally injects himself, becomes delirious, and beams down to a planet, and enters the Guardian of Forever .  The USS Enterprise, and her crew, had to go back in time to re-correct what had been changed, and Captain Kirk had to watch Edith Keeler lose her life by being run down by a truck in 1930s New York.

Now the new Star Trek film, deals with a story that spans both the “Prime Timeline”, and an alternate universe where Spock tries to stop a Supernova in the prime timeline, that obliterates the worlds of Romulus and Remus, and after using Red Matter, Spock, and his nemesis, Nero are thrust into an alternate timeline of meeting the “younger crew” of the Enterprise, and watching the that crew come together.

These people have said, that the movie is nowhere near authentic to Gene’s original vision, and that they couldn’t believe how J.J. Abrams took such liberties.  The storyline was not believable, and that there’s no way that they could allow this to continue.

Star Trek is not just about what we’ve already seen, or read in the countless television shows, movies, or books that have been added to the universe the Gene Roddenberry created some 44 years ago.  There are lots of stories to be told inside that universe, as Rick Berman, Brannon. Braga, Michael Piller, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, and countless others have done since 1966.

Whether I’m a Trekker, or Trekkie really doesn’t matter.  I call myself fortunate to be able to have become a part of the group of folks that understand and want to practice the vision that Gene Roddenberry has created.  And whether the story talks about an alternate timeline, or the prime universe, it’s all Star Trek to me.  And isn’t that what really matters?


3 thoughts on “Just some thoughts…

  1. Joey Marriner

    This is a wonderful post and may be one that is followed up to see what goes on

    A companion sent this link the other day and I am excitedly awaiting your next write. Continue on the terrific work.

  2. djsilverfox Post author


    Thanks so much for the thoughts! But everything I said in the post was true. You do have some “hard core” fans that just will not accept anything other than a “cannon” storyline. It’s sad really. Because there is so much that can be played out in the Trek Universe, much like Star Wars, and even Eureka. Alternate timelines were introduced in 1966… If you accepted them then, why can’t you accept them now?


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