Taking A Break…

I’ve been working hard on getting the All Request Show finalized for air tomorrow (It’s being recorded) and just relax, and say hello!

It’s almost week 2 of recovery and I’m starting to feel a little more like myself, for the most part. Right knee is still achy from time to time, but at least it’s finally starting to ease off a bit. While I’m enjoying the time away form the rat race of work, Station responsibility, and all the other things that chew for a piece of my time, I’m starting to get antsy, and wanna get back to the grind. Sitting gives a man waay to much time to think…

Finally made it to the rank of Captain in Star Trek Online. I was pretty stoked about that… Now I feel like I actually belong in the game, instead of just being a lowly little Commander with a ship to call home. Season 2 is supposed to slowly start rolling out this Friday, so we’ll see what happens. Lots of changes, and screen shots to come in the future.

I’ll be in chat for tomorrow’s show. Will just have to make sure that I have plenty of time to stop the connection to the stream… hopping on one foot with a pair of sticks kinda puts you at a disadvantage…LOL!

Well, back to work… hope to be back later to post a little more…

Lots of requests from you all! and the music is great!!! tune in to see what we’re playin for you all tomorrow!


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