Late Start…

I’m up Waaaay late this morning, so I’m gonna be really brief in this post, and write a little more later tonight.

I know, I know, I made the promise to get back into blogging, but I just haven’t had… the urge to write of late. Couple that with a constantly changing work schedule, Station work, and the other “real life” things that want a piece of my time, I just have not had time to do much of anything.

Starting today, I’m making a “schedule” for the things I need and want to do, and I’ll be keeping to it. It’ll have to adjust with my work schedule, but for the most part, It’ll be pretty consistent.

So with that said, I’m going to make time to let the “writer” as I like to call him show up a couple of times a week, and the gamer show up a couple of times a week, and the DJ will be let loose as well. I just have to get back to the basics of time management. And here lately, it’s been managing me.

Will be back later tonight to let you know what I’ve been up to, and just some of the new artists we’ve gotten in to the station, along with working on the Artist of The Week Blog to post our choice this week for our DJ SilverLady, who’s had to take some time off due to an illness.

Until later tonight!


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