Prepping For Tonight’s Show

As we get ready for the show tonight, (DJ Briecat is actually here in the Tally Studios with Big Al and I this weekend) we wanted to give you all a rundown of what’s going on tonight!

Wayne “Crash” Andrews from Crash Cadillac will be here at the top of the show to chat with us about the band, and give us the chance to premiere 4 new tracks that they’ve put together recently. Check out the post below this for the banner, and we’ll be on air LIVE at 5pm EDT with Wayne.

As we move into the regular portion of our show,  We’ll be bringing you some insight on some of the stories below form this week:

Gary Coleman has passed away at the age of 42, Along with Dennis Hopper, and Art Linkletter this week.

The “Mud Shot” BP attempted was deemed a failure, and terminated yesterday. What’s Next for the Well that’s continuing to pump oil into the gulf?

Church Plans to picket Ronnie James Dio Memorial in Los Angeles…

Big Al, as always will have his Stupid Story of The Week

Brie Will Bring us the Weird and Funny News

SilverLady has a new artist pick this week: Jason Adamo

And great tunes to ease you back into your work week!

So c’mon in and join us this afternoon in the US / evening in the UK and we’ll see you soon!


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