It’s Almost Over…

The Week’s Almost over, and it’s time to start prepping for the Sunday Go Round! Not that I’m complaining mind you. I’m actually looking forward to this Sunday with the gang!

Shawn Micheal Perry will be joining us this Sunday on The Weekend Chronicles for a chat! Shawn just also happens to be our Artist of The Week this week, and we’re thrilled he’s coming back to let us know what’s next for him!

A week from Sunday, we’ve got some of the band members from Crash Cadillac coming in to join us, so it’s gonna be a blast to be part of the show for the next two weeks!

If you’re an artist or band we promote on RadioGalactica, and you’d like to sit and chat with us, just link up with our DJ briecat’s MySpace Page, or the RG Street Team MySpace Page and let her know that you’d like to chat with us!

Speaking of the Artist of The Week blog, didn’t BigAl, and SilverLady do a great job with Shawn’s post!?!?!? It looks fantastic!

On a personal note… I’m honestly glad the week’s almost over. This not being able to stay awake to do my shows is really getting old. I honestly was looking forward to yesterday’s show, and was just so tired from this crazy work schedule I’m on, I just didn’t have enough pop to poop… let alone do a 2 hour show.

I did however sleep like a newborn…Had dinner about 9:30 last night(after waking up at 8pm), and back to bed at about 1am.

Anyway, back to the post already in progress…

if you have any ideas for topics for this week’s show, post em in the comments, And I’ll try to include them for this Sunday’s run! Also, if you have questions for Shawn, you can post them here, or at his post on the Artist of The Week blog, and we’ll pass em on to him!

Off to get ready for the day, Will talk to you all later tonight!


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