Trying Out Windows Live

Thought I’d sit down and try out Window’s Live Writer as a blog editor.

As most of you know, I’m trying to find ways to streamline my time as much as possible, so anything I can find to help make the process a little easier for me, it’s well appreciated! With a constantly changing schedule like mine, I never really know what I’ll be able to do, and when I can do it.

Speaking of which, I apologize for the cancelling of today’s show. But, I was just wiped out from little sleep, and just… needing to just breathe for  second. In fact, I just woke up again about an hour ago, and have been just cleaning up the system, and slowly getting ready to hopefully soon, move my stuff to a separate computer away form the one we use to run the live shows on the stream. (which also happens to be the one I’m using now)

I think I’m going to go with the idea of placing new music on the AutoDJ on Tuesday’s. (I’m only about 40 artists behind… sheesh) I can literally devote the most time to that then, and it would allow me to do some of the general housekeeping duties that need to be done around here, and also get things ready for the work week. (would also give me a reason to bust me bohunkus and get to bed early on Tuesday eves)

Coffee is a wonderful thing… (random thought)

Well, I guess I should get on about Windows Live Writer huh?

The setup was really easy! just tell it where your blog is, user name and password, and your good to go to post on! the software finds all the info it needs, and set’s up the software to help you post offline! Also, it gives you a slide window at the bottom of the screen with all your important WordPress stuff, like Categories, tag window, pings, slugs, setting your publish date, and more! and you can preview it through the Live Writer window, before you publish! Cool huh?

And the software will take plug-ins as well!

I’m actually quite happy with it, and I think I’ll be putting this to good use!

Well, I’m off for now. may be back later on if I find something funny, or interesting that catches the eye…


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