New Music Today!!!!

Well Folks, I’ve been able to download the newest music ready to be added to the Auto DJ, and here’s the list of artists, and the songs from them that have been uploaded!

Bang Bangs
In Arms
Wild Hearts

Cable 35
Boogie Man

Captain Kennedy
Roll Ramona
Stretch That Penny

Cecelia de Lisle
Fall Out
The Other Side of Yesterday

Corey Smith
Dirtier By The Year
Powerful Feeling
Sweet Sorrow

Diego M
Get Up And Dance

Best Left Alone
Does It Matter Now

Jason Adamo
Without You

Josh Canova
The Wish

Juliet Gough
Sweet Angel Blue

Mike Brightley
A Better View
Call To Arms
Say It

Leaving Richmond
Slow To Exhale
Sonar In Winter
Your Personal Infinity

Check out the new tunes, and We’ll have more for you soon!!!!


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