Just A Regular ‘Ol Text Post!!!

Hey All!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the video blogs! and yes, there’s more to come, so don’t think I’ve given up on em totally. I’m enjoying doing them, and to be honest, folks have complained that he don’t see enough of me anyway, so… here ya go.. More Foxy, and his thoughts! LOL

Sitting here tonight, being a traitor of sorts… listening to a net station programmed with nothing but 80’s music. have had a blast just sitting here listening to the stuff I grew up with as a teen, and reminiscing about the days of game rooms on the boardwalk in Daytona Beach, and spending days on the beach in the morning, Afternoons in the pools at the motels, and just being a kid who had the whole world as his oyster… (so he thought)

5 bucks weekly allowance was a LOT of cash to a 12 year old, and I took full advantage of it! Game rooms offered entertainment for a quarter a pop, and Centipede, Pac Man, and Donkey Kong were the games that reigned supreme in those days! Older folks sitting in the chairs playing Keno for tickets to get their grandkids a stuffed animal, Skee ball for the youngins to win a new whatever they had the points for, and 80’s music pumpin through the speakers of the room like a melody to the beeps, boops, explosions, and whizzbangs of the sound effects coming from the consoles that housed the entertainment of the day.

Hard to believe that the places that mattered so much as a kid are now all but a distant memory to the city that housed so many wonderful memories…

Dates shared at the beach with family and friends, the Coquina Bandshell that housed some of the BEST concerts during MTV’s reign of Spring Break during the 80’s… Bands like The Beastie Boys, Billy Ocean, and other major acts brought in by MTV to entertain at it’s peak some 300,000+ college students, and locals like me.

Spring break is now just a minor nuisance to those that live on beachside… city officials don’t even keep data on the amount of students in town anymore. BCR is the new gig that’s now at the forefront, and quickly fading into the past, just as The heydays of the 80’s Spring breaks have…

The McDonald’s Restaurant that used to sit just off the boardwalk on Atlantic Ave, just north of Main St., is long since gone, and just an empty lot for the fast food joint that would be open from 7am to 4am 7 days a week, where as an employee, i’d shovel trash out of the floors with push brooms, gather money by the bucketload nightly, and party just as hard as the college kids on my days off.

Saw my first Live topless chick there too…No Joke! Blonde had a rack men drool for… And her boyfriend was all to happy to help her show it off…LOL!

Aaah the good ole days… So many memories… both good and bad. But all of them cherished, and every once in a while, they’re all hauled out due to a song set, or something like that to make me smile…

have a good night all…new Weekly Video for you all tomorrow~!


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